Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment is a key feature of ensuring buildings are safe from fire; this page contains guidance to assist those who undertake assessments and use this service. As with all professional services individual competence is essential.

Advice for those responsible in law to undertake a fire risk assessment is offered on how to choose someone suitable together with a National Listing compiled of details from a number of industry recognised registers. The Federation recommends use of third-party approved fire risk assessors.

Guidance and advice is also offered on relevant and recognised industry standards. This includes a ‘Benchmark Standard’ that assessors and service users will find helpful as it outlines the standards of competency across three tiers, suitable to meet most needs, with detailed competency requirements in the aligned ‘Approved Code of Practice – A National Framework for Risk Assessor Competency’.

Those seeking to use fire risk assessor services should always apply diligence when choosing a fire risk assessor to ensure that the assessor they select is competent for the task in hand; this applies whether or not the assessor is listed or not. A competent fire risk assessor will always confirm whether or not they are competent and capable to work on the task they are being asked to undertake.

In the UK the two widely recognised Third-Party Approved (TPA) bodies are: the Engineering Council (EngC) and the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) and these acronyms are shown on the listings. Competent fire risk assessors may not have TPA because they are developing professionally or limit their services to the lowest fire risk buildings or premises.

The details of the registering body are also shown by an acronym. These bodies, acting as a second assurance party, implement and maintain professional standards and so ensure those on their registers behave professionally and remain competent. Direct contact to the registered fire risk assessor is through this responsible body. Finally a scheme may be shown alongside the fire risk assessor. This scheme refers to the route used to gain access to the responsible body’s register and again the details of the scheme may be found by following the links provided.

Registration Body
IFCC IFC Certification Limited(IFCC 0099/UKAS)
IFE Institution of Fire Engineers(FRAR/EngC)
IFPO Institute of Fire Prevention Officers
IFSM Institute of Fire Safety Managers
NSI National Security Inspectorate(BAFE SP205/UKAS)
SSAIB Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board(BAFE SP205/UKAS)
WTCL Warrington Testing & Certification Limited(FRACS/UKAS)
Third Party Assurance
UKAS United Kingdom Accreditation Service
ENGC Engineering Council United Kingdom
BAFE SP205 Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment
FRAR Fire Risk Assessors Register(IFPO)
FRACS Fire Risk Assessors Certification Scheme(WTCL)
FRRA Fire Risk Register of Assessors(IFE)
TFRAR Tiered Fire Risk Assessors Register(IFSM)
IFCC International Fire Consultants Certification 0099(IFCC)

Benchmark Standard for Fire Risk Assessors

This standard details the competency for Fire Risk Assessors at three levels that are matched to three general building types

A National Framework for Fire Risk Assessor Competency

This Approved Code of Practice has been prepared by a working group of fire risk assessors who assembled at the invitation of the Fire Sector Federation to consider the implications of competency raised by the Building a Safer Future Report

The Code seeks consolidate the fire industry recommendations of best practice on how to assess the competency of individuals who conduct fire risk assessments. The Code’s foundation remains the guidance criteria originally undertaken to introduce The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The updated guidance now includes matters of behaviour and details of the knowledge skills and experience expected for a competent fire risk assessor.

Fire Risk Manager

Advice on the competency requirements of those who have a role in fire safety management.


Choosing a Fire Risk Assessor

This guide is provided to help those with this responsibility (referred to as ‘duty holders’ in this document) decide
who should carry out a fire risk assessment so that the premises comply with the applicable fire safety legislation.

Residential Escape Safe Escape Checklist

This guide and check-list has been prepared primarily to assist fire risk assessors. It has no formal or legal status. It has been developed within the fire sector industry in the absence of other guidance using the format of a check list.


Fire Risk Appraisal of External Walls

Developed to assist both duty holders like Responsible Persons and Fire Risk Assessors this guide can be used to deveop and evidenced based appraisal of external walls in residential premises

This guidance assists Fire Risk Assessors undertake the Step 1 appraisal of external walls


National Fire Risk Assessor Listing

To access our National Listing of Fire Risk Assessors please click the link below.

Please note an individual cannot join this register unless they are a member of one of the professional registration bodies listed above.