The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) was established in 1975 to represent and support the activities of the fire industry in relation to all forms of ‘built in’ fire protection.

The ASFP is dedicated to the protection of life, property, the environment and our heritage and promotes continuous improvement in all aspects of passive fire protection.

The Association strives to promote excellence in the design and installation of fire protection products through high quality and technical expertise, by fostering the education and training of all those involved in the development, specification and use of ‘built-in’ fire protection.

Working with Government and international standard setting bodies both directly, and via other sector group associations, the ASFP endeavours to increase the quality of installed fire protection within all forms of construction.

Advice and guidance

The ASFP offers an extensive range of publications, including its ‘Colour books’, which provide definitive guidance on a range of passive fire protection measures used to protect steelwork, ductwork, partitions, penetration seals and other components in building structures; and a number of Technical Guidance documents, which offer detailed advice for specifiers, designers and installers on specific applications, configurations or aspects of fire protection products and materials.

The ‘ASFP Guide to Inspecting Passive Fire Protection for Fire Risk Assessors’ and ‘Ensuring Best Practice for Passive Fire Protection in Buildings’ provides essential advice to all those involved in the specification, installation or maintenance of passive fire protection.