EPIC represents all the UK manufacturers of non-structural steel-faced insulation panels. These products are chosen in over 60% of new commercial, industrial, warehouse and office buildings because of their speed of build, made-to-measure nature and exceptional thermal and airtightness performance.

The weatherproof profiled steel outer-facings are chemically bonded to cores of PIR insulation material of between 40 and 200mm thickness to provide large-scale walling and roofing cladding and internal room elements.

Demand within the UK construction market for energy-efficient commercial and industrial buildings continues to grow. The recent uncertainty about post-Brexit trade policy has created an additional spike in demand, as new warehousing and distribution infrastructure blossoms to accommodate additional stock-holdings of goods imported from the EU or anticipate the need to buffer stocks of finished materials destined for EU markets.

The same technology and the same advantages which make sandwich panels an obvious choice for exterior cladding also lend themselves to interior uses within buildings which require clean-rooms for medical research or semiconductor manufacturing, and for cold-store and temperature-controlled environments.

• EPIC speaks for 100% of the UK manufacturing capacity in the sandwich panels sector.
• EPIC represents a unique industry forum in which competing manufacturers and key suppliers can exchange views and pool non-commercial intelligence about legislative and market developments.
• EPIC speaks for the vital and growing sandwich panel sector, but works closely with other industry bodies on matters of common interest.
• EPIC is uniquely networked — both upstream into UK and international technical, testing and standards work, and downstream into developments in the specifier, insurer, contractor, fire safety and installer strata.
• EPIC was the first organisation to support the LABC/BRE 100% Hackitt campaign.
• EPIC is actively engaged with suppliers in addressing the strategic issues around zero-energy buildings, end of life, plastics waste and the circular economy.
• As well as the FSF, EPIC is an active member of Build UK, the Construction Products Association, the International Fire Safety Standards Coalition, the Advisory Committee for Roof Safety and PU Europe – delivering in-context intelligence from right across the market.

EPIC is a not-for-profit trade association, whose work programme is funded entirely by member companies’ subscriptions.