The FDIS aim to increase the accessibility of an individual’s access to quality training and educational programmes in fire door safety and access to a register of trained, professional and certified fire door inspectors.

The FDIS has its nationally recognised educational programme, which results in the individual achieving the FDIS Diploma when passing the independent end of course examination. This increases their knowledge in all areas of fire door safety including understanding the requirements of a fire door, its function, third party certification and the regulations and the role they play in keeping us safe.

Once an inspector meets the required standard and can demonstrate they have the right skills, knowledge, experience, behaviours and have passed all stages in the approval process for the FDIS Competent Person Certification Scheme, they will be added to the FDIS National Register of Approved Fire Door Inspectors.

The Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) was launched in 2012 to create a quality training and educational programme to improve an individual’s knowledge of fire door safety and to establish a leading independent fire door inspection scheme. Our main aim is to transform people’s knowledge about how fire doors work and the potential dangers of getting it wrong to ensure fire doors installed in properties are fit for purpose and will keep occupants and buildings safe.