Fire Safe Europe is the European association for fire safety in buildings. We are a non-profit organisation whose mission is to improve fire safety in buildings for people and society.

Fire in buildings are now bigger, more unpredictable and more dangerous than ever before, and many of the current regulatory requirements around fire safety in buildings are not providing an adequate level of fire protection for European citizens. Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) intends to change this status quo by working with experts, policy and decision makers to ensure that people and communities across Europe are safe from fire in every building they spend time in. Today, FSEU members are fire experts, researchers, firefighters, European associations, and international companies manufacturing and supplying cables, concrete, ceilings, fire protection equipment, flame retardants, insulation, sealants and more. Together we are working to make Europe fire safe. We are proud to be a platform for everyone in the fire community and to provide a place for collaboration and learning.