Efectis is an independent third party assessing the fire performance of products, systems, or constructions.

Based on 70 years of experience, Efectis is assessing the fire performance of your products, systems, or entire projects, whatever the domain (nuclear, transportation, residential dwellings, infrastructure, tunnels, industrial process, and storage or offices), whatever the performance (fire resistance, reaction to fire, extinguishing systems, equipment, etc.).

Efectis has the capability (accumulated knowledge and experience, skills, software and models, small to large scale test rigs) to analyse the performance of products, systems, or buildings within the legislative framework, and to carry out third-party reviews.

Efectis covers all fire safety technical topics, such as structural behaviour, compartmentation, smoke control, and ventilation, fire suppression systems, external fire spread, evacuation, environmental protection from industrial sites, fire brigade access and facilities, wildfire.

Efectis can assist with strategic advice, review of applicable legislation, preventive measures developed via tailored fire safety solutions, on-site inspections, and assessments. Our work is based on a commitment to help clients and communities and provide them with a responsive approach to solve their fire safety challenges.

Efectis is continuously expanding its worldwide recognized services. Always looking for partnerships, hiring talent, and acquiring new competencies in fire safety