The National Fire Sprinkler Network (NFSN) was formed in 1998 and works in partnership with the fire community to promote awareness of the value of ‘sprinklers’ for life safety, the protection of property and the environment and for creating sustainable businesses and communities.

The key strength of the Network is its membership which is primarily, though not exclusively, formed from fire and rescue services from across the UK. Through regular meetings and networking, the NFSN had been highly successful in collating, sharing and disseminating pertinent information which is used to promote the wider use of water-based fire suppression systems. It also actively lobbies for the effectiveness of such systems to be more widely appreciated both at local and national levels.

The Network remains free from commercial interest with a view that the development and increased application of fire sprinkler technology will be an enhancement of the public good, helping to reduce fire losses within the UK and beyond.