Testing and Approval Services

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is recognised as the UK’s premier specialist third party Certification Body in the fire safety, guarding and security systems sectors.  Accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, to deliver independent Certification across a broad range of sector specific approval schemes, NSI approves over 1800 organisations across the UK and counts premium local providers as well as those with a national reach amongst its clients.

For nearly 50 years, NSI has helped protect businesses and homeowners by providing thorough, regular high quality audits of providers to verify compliance with relevant British, International and NSI Codes of Practice.

NSI approves the largest number of fire safety companies in the UK to the suite of BAFE schemes, providing third party certification for:

  • Fire Detection & Alarm Systems (SP203-1)
  • Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment (SP205)
  • Emergency Lighting (SP203-4)
  • Competency of Portable Fire Extinguisher Organisations and Technicians (SP101)
  • Fixed Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems (SP203-3)
  • Kitchen Fire Protection Systems (SP206)

End users who contract NSI approved companies for their security and fire safety needs can be assured of security and fire safety services delivered to the highest standards by businesses committed to quality and continual improvement.

Since 2001, NSI’s UKAS accreditation has included Certification services in the fire safety sector as one of the first body licensed to deliver BAFE schemes.  Fire safety organisations approved gain both NSI approval and BAFE registration.  Under the NSI Gold Scheme providers also gain approval to ISO 9001 for quality management systems. In every case a tailored ongoing audit programme verifies the provider’s continuing capability, compliance and quality in the fire safety services they provide.

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