The Passive Fire Protection Forum (PFPF) brings together the collective expertise of the passive fire protection industry and provides a central body of opinion so that the Industry may speak with one voice to articulate the benefits and value of passive fire protection in the achievement of fire safe building design and construction.

The objectives of PFPF are to:

  • advance passive fire protection technologies, and their effective application, by encouraging practical, best practice solutions within the context of integrated, cost effective fire safety design.
  • work with Governments in developing fire safety in the built environment, and be recognised by Government as the principal representative body on behalf of the Industry.
  • champion the particular merits of passive fire protection that lead to a continuous improvement in life safety and public welfare, property protection, firefighter safety, and those aspects of construction design which make the firefighting tasks easier to carry out.
  • help fire professionals, authorities and those who rely on the effective functioning of passive fire protection, by communicating the views, recommendations and guidance of the Industry with authority, responsibility and integrity.