Ventro Ltd provides a full range of fire safety services to building owners, from initial consultancy, surveying and auditing, through to installation, and ongoing maintenance. These services are across multiple disciplines, from fire compartmentation works such as Fire Doors and Fire Stopping, through to Fire Alarms, Fire Sprinklers and Emergency Lighting. This joined-up approach to fire safety means complete audit trails for building owners, and delivers the principles of the Golden Thread of information, as detailed in the Hackitt Report.

Ventro was established with the aim of providing sector-leading fire safety solutions with a focus on safety. Founding Director Howard Melvin, who had prior experience in the industry, was disappointed with the existing fire safety solutions being offered and founded Ventro to prioritise safety above all else.

A decade later, Ventro’s approach to fire safety continues to drive the industry forward. According to Managing Director Harvey Melvin, “the safety of residents and the public must always be the top priority.”

Ventro specialises in working with local authorities, housing associations and private sector organisations. With over 1,000 sites currently in operation nationally and over 100,000 sites worked since incorporation, Ventro demonstrates proven scalability and is well-positioned to deliver high service standards for planned fire safety programmes.