The considerable expertise of members within the Fire Sector Federation is of a great value both to those within the fire sector and the wider community. Networking allows that expertise and knowledge to be utilised to inform technical decisions and professionally inform decision makers.

The Directors with their broad responsibilities work together with members having a particular interest or expertise to discuss and develop policy and actions and to produce industry guidance for wider dissemination, as necessary.

FSF members are free to join in any activity in which they have an interest.

The Federation also maintains a close link to Parliamentarians by supporting the Honorary Secretary of All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety and Rescue Group. The APPFSRG is one of a number of informal cross-party interest groups in Parliament which consider matters important to Members of Parliament and Peers.

Internationally the Federation is networked through CTIF the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services to many other fire related organisations and operates as the UK National Committee. The UK was a founder member of CTIF in 1900 and has maintained an important role over the intervening decades. Read More about CTIF

  • John Spencer - Chair

    John Spencer


    Chairman since October 2022 John joined the Board in May the same year, in a planned succession process with Michael Harper.

    John reflected his delight and honour to be Chair and look forward to working with the Board and all our members as we drive forward fire safety and continue to shape future policy and strategy for UK Fire.

    John has a wealth of experience in senior leadership roles spanning the fire and property sectors. He was Managing Director of Chubb Fire and Security for 11years and served as CEO with a several major property companies, including Regus UK, ABM, Landmark and BizSpace.

    His tasks include to:


    Represent the public face of the Federation liaising and promoting the Federation

    Offer a wide perspective to explore development and opportunities

    Provide oversight and inspire action to progress the Federation

    Drive agendas, encourage participation, sum up and clarify to gain consensus

    Work with others to manage any tasks allocated to get the tasks accomplished

    Monitor progress reporting to the Board and members’ Forum

  • Steve McGuirk - Executive Officer

    Steve McGuirk

    Executive Officer

    Steve develops and implements strategies that benefit the Federation’s profile and membership values. The Executive Officer’s tasks include to:

    1. Work with the Chairman and Directors to develop and deliver business strategies
    2. Offer a sounding board, contact and communication point for external and internal inquiries
    3. Gather and coordinate information advice and support from and to the membership
    4. Manage available resources helping allocate, monitor and report progress on tasks
    5. Attend and organise meetings researching, presenting and developing a quality organisation
    6. Seek awareness of business impacts on the Federation and its membership

There are six functional leads that address key aspects of Federation interest. Their tasks include to:

  1. Management and governance of the Federation assets
  2. Internal networking, development and access to membership expertise and knowledge
  3. Internal coordination and identification of the memberships’ consensus views
  4. Effective presentation of coherent collective views to enhance public fire safety
  5. Liaison and external representation to support adoption of the Federation’s viewpoints
  6. Help set priorities to strengthen influence to promote Federation aims and objectives
  • Vacant - Strategy Director


    Strategy Director

    A key part of the Federation’s aim is to stay up-to-date and indeed try to influence National fire policies and enforcement arrangements for the better. This involves frequent discussions and continuous observation of government attitudes and approaches to fire safety linked to a realistic appraisal of what’s happening on the ground. A continuous dialogue as a critical friend with government and informing of public representatives through the All Party Parliamentary Fire Safety and Rescue Group are central to this work, a task helped by Jon’s being Director of the Fire Protection Association, the UK’s national fire safety organisation and part of 28 similar bodies worldwide.

  • Niall Rowan - Passive Fire Protection Director
    Niall Rowan

    Niall Rowan

    Passive Fire Protection Director

    The beneficial influence on the built environment of effective passive and structural fire protection systems is renowned by everyone who has seen how uncontrolled fire can spread through a building with devastating consequences. Advances and innovation in construction remind us that having the very best passive fire protection is essential. With an extensive career in the fire industry and now as Chief Executive Officer of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection Niall is extremely well placed to lead the Federation’s work on building a better understanding of the various solutions available.

  • Thomas Roche - Active Fire Protection Director
    Thomas Roche

    Thomas Roche

    Active Fire Protection Director

    Tom is the senior consultant of international standards at FM Global in the UK and leading in many aspects of seeking to improve fire safety in the built environment. He has articulated concerns raised by Federation members on matters like the currency and completeness of building regulations and guidance and has responded to multiple calls for evidence or consultations that seek expert opinion. Part of the detail of this work involves outlying the benefits of active fire suppression and technological fire alerting and other protection systems, something Tom is very close to and keen to see advanced.

  • Steve Hamm - Technical Director

    Steve Hamm

    Technical Director

    A feature of all fire safety effectiveness is the level of personal development and competency of those working in the sector and the availability of technical guidance both in general and in specialist areas like fire investigation. Steve, CEO of the Institution of Fire Engineers, has extensive links within the fire community internationally. Part of the role involves maintaining awareness of current innovation and trends through research and statistics and sharing learning and knowledge internationally in groups like the International Fire and Rescue Service Association and European Union.

  • David Russell - Finance Director
    dave russell

    David Russell

    Finance Director

    The person responsible for keeping the Federation in good financial shape is Dave Russell. This is a challenging task as the Federation is largely subscription based with collections made across many differing scale organisations, all of whom like to know the value achieved from their contribution. This is a familiar tune as he is also UK Sales Manager for Angus Fire. Having both roles makes Dave naturally keen to also promote ‘UK Fire plc’ both at home and abroad so he has oversight and guides the Federation on fire sector procurement systems.

  • Olöf Jónsdóttir - Communications Director

    Olöf Jónsdóttir

    Communications Director

    Effective internal and external communications are the prerequisites of any member organisation especially one that relies upon its memberships’ knowledge and technical expertise to form informed commentary and opinion for national audiences. Setting and leading the strategy and process for this task falls to the Communications Director. Olof is the well known as Head of Public Affairs and Communications at Rockwoll UK. Reporting to the Managing Director her role includes the operating in the complex relationships that exist between regulators and manufactures of materials that often have to meet competing demands of economics, durability, sustainability and safety.

  • Dennis Davis - Competency Director
    Denis Davis

    Dennis Davis

    Competency Director

    Developing and improving the competency of the fire sector workforce is a key strategic aim of the Federation and a competency workstream was founded in 2012. Chaired throughout by Dennis, including the 2018 – 2023 period when he was also Executive Officer.

    A particular focus is fire risk assessment where the Federation has coordinated industry experience and expertise to help raise awareness and support for the public whilst also providing technical and professional advancement for practitioners through its liaison and action with government, agencies and standard organisations.

Heritage Workstream

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